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Caring for your Gems

Our jewellery is made from polymer clay; a non-toxic PVC-based medium that is conditioned, hand-sculpted and oven-cured. Even though polymer clay is light, it needs to be treated gently and with care as it can be easily broken with improper use and storage. Some designs, including those with raised components, are especially delicate and must be handled and stored carefully to prevent breakage.



Store your gems in a dust-free space, out of direct sunlight and heat, ideally in an earring storage container. Avoid dropping or knocking your gems, or catching your gems on clothing - they are durable, but not scratch resistant or unbreakable. Do NOT place gems loose in your handbag, pocket or purse or alongside coins or keys. Gems should be protected in a jewellery case or earring storage container. 


To clean your gems, use a damp cloth with a small amount of rubbing alcohol (if necessary) to wipe your gems in between wears to remove any makeup residue. Do not use nail polish remover, acetone or cleaning products on your gems! Do not swim or shower whilst while wearing your gems, and ensure you keep them away from chemicals or perfumes to preserve the bright colours. 

All jewellery components that are plated or painted such as silver, rose gold, brass, black and coloured etc may tarnish over time, this happens to all metals. You can clean by polishing with a jewellery cloth. 


For safety, please do not allow children to play with, wear or chew on your polymer clay jewellery.


Because we care about what we put on our skin, we only use 304 hypoallergenic stainless steel earposts and plastic and rubber extra comfort earnuts to keep earrings securely in place. 304 grade stainless steel is even better than 316L surgical steel. It’s lower nickel than 316L, which makes it an even better choice if you have a nickel sensitivity. It also won't get nasty tarnish or rust.



For hygiene reasons, no refunds or exchanges on change of mind purchases will be offered. Please ensure you read the product description provided, including measurements, prior to placing your order. Please note that refunds or replacements will not be available for items that have not been stored or cared for properly. Please notify me within 48 hours if there is an issue with your jewellery upon delivery.


So much love and care goes into the creation of all of my gems, and because they are all uniquely handmade and homemade, I acknowledge and embrace that they too, like me, have flaws and imperfections. These are the marks of authenticity and the beauty of buying handmade.

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