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A Dazzle of Zebras - Organics

A Dazzle of Zebras - Organics


INTRODUCING A Dazzle of Zebras (yep, that's actually what a group of zebras is called... didn't know that one did you?) Made using the mindful making #smooshyscrapcane technique from our recent You Rock My World collection, these gorgeous creatures are almost better than the original. And I just ADORE those monochrome vibes!


These polymer clay earrings are totally unique, one-of-kind gems and have been handmade and homemade for you by Tailem from Harry and Herne.


Please refer to the care instructions on our FAQs page for information on how to best look after your Harry and Herne gems.


For your care and comfort, we only use stainless steel earposts and extra secure comfort earnuts for all our earrings.


Length: 6.5cm

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