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Cold Brew - Donuts

Cold Brew - Donuts




We know that the impressive benefits of Cold Brew include that it can boost your metabolism, lift your mood, keep you mentally healthy, boost your energy and help you live longer. Very much like the injection of joy that your new Harry and Herne gems will bring!


(**Disclaimer: Harry and Herne gems are not technically proven to make you live longer. But they will defintely making the living part a lot more enjoyable!)


These polymer clay earrings are totally unique, one-of-kind gems and have been handmade and homemade for you by Tailem from Harry and Herne.


Please refer to the care instructions on our FAQs page for information on how to best look after your Harry and Herne gems.


For your care and comfort, we only use stainless steel earposts and extra secure comfort earnuts for all our earrings.


Length: 6cm

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